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Destination Ghana


In Destination Ghana we follow four people from the African diaspora, who all live in a different continent (Europe, USA, Asia and Australia). All four have a different life story, but there is also something that connects them: none of them have ever set foot on the African continent. They decided to travel to the african cotintent for the first time in search of their roots . They want to know what "home" means to them and whether they feel more at home in a country where everyone looks like them, where they experience less racism and discrimination, and where they can finally feel like themselves.

After the trip in Ghana, we follow them back to the countries where they live and see what impact of the trip has had on their lives. How do they see the world now and what will be their next steps?

Destination Ghana will be a 4-part series, with each episode foucsing on a character. The series portrays the African state of mind, which despite a globalized economy, still faces inequality, framing and racism. It shows the dark side of the life of a black person outside Africa and the need for an environment that answers the questions of many people from the diaspora.

A documentary series by Adams Mensah.

Amaj Productions


With the support of Fonds Pascal Decroos