Amaj Productions

Meet me Halfway


What will it be when an adopted black man and a white woman fall in love? What will it be if both are still struggling with their pasts? What will it be if they are both still working on themselves? What will it be when cultures get in the way of each other and themselves? What will it be if two people want to love each other and yet can't? Or can't and still want to?

Adams Mensah's Meet me Halfway gives voice, image and body to their attempt to resolve these issues, somewhere between attraction and conflict, understanding and misunderstanding, love and hate. A smashing dialogue about cultures, migration and, above all, about identity.


23/2/2023 – Première Krokusfestival Hasselt 

2/3/2023 – De Centrale Gent 

1/4/2023 – Het Oude Badhuis Antwerpen

26/4/2023 – 30cc Waegehuys – Afrika Filmfestival

30/4/2024 – Schoolvoorstelling – CC Ter Vesten

Meet me Halfway

Playwright and direction: Adams Mensah
Performers: Louise Buysschaert, Adams Mensah
Stand - in: Faisal Muhammadu
Dramaturge: Greet Vissers
Costumes: Gloria Abena Biney
Illustration: Shamisa Debroey, Louise Buysschaert
Movement Coach: David Ramos Joao, Nina Plantefeve
Music and Soundscape: Maarten Vandenbemden, Alec De Bruyn
Games and Animation: Cedric Duré / Outdream Creative, Phillippe Hosselet
Sound Technic: Wim van Eester
Image Technic: Natalie Meeusen
Production: Adams Mensah
Photography: Karolina Maruszak
Thanks to Chloe De Nil and Jorn Hubo


A production of Amaj Productions, kunstZ / coproduction HET LAB-Hasselt.


With the support of Africalia, Fonds Pascal Decroos, Fameus, City of Antwerp and the Flanders State of the Art. Thanks to Het Bos Antwerpen.



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