About Amaj Productions

We all have a story to tell and every story needs to be told in the right way by the right people and that’s where Amaj Productions comes in. Whether big or small our doors are open for you.

Amaj Productions is a Belgian based production company with its main focus on telling divers stories that matters.

Stories from our day to day lives and experiences that makes an impact in our society’s and the world as whole. Stories that enriches and triggers our imaginations, views and perspectives. Stories that go beyond boarders and continents to unite as all as one.

We tell stories through the following platforms:

  1. The audio-visual platform, which is fiction films, documentary films, experimentary films, music videos, corporate and commercial video projects.
  2. On stage, which is theatre performances, dance performances, music shows, band managements and events.


Project category (Film)


Project category (Podium)

Our mission and vision

Amaj Productions vzw aims to support young adults who are engaged in contemporary performing arts, audiovisual arts and everything inbetween. This by: connecting them with the right organizations and coaches depending on their project. Find out which funds and grants suits their project. Help them work out their project from start to finish and draw up a realistic plan.

The artistic direction of Amaj Productions is in the hands of Adams Mensah. The board also consists of young, diverse artists: Shamisa Debroey, Mohammed Barrie, Jokke De Roo. Amaj Productions is a young and fast growing organization due to its many partners. For example, since 2016 there has been cooperation with organizations such as kunstZ, Fameus, De Imagerie, Het Bos, Het Oude Badhuis, Canvas / Vranckx. In 2018, the organization was registered as a non-profit organization.