Manuel Janssens

Cameraman and Filmmaker

Manuel Janssens is a film director, video artist and documentary maker living in Antwerp, Belgium. He studied film directing at RITCS School of Arts in Brussels. In 2015 he graduated his masters with the fiction short film The Mythological Rape, a modern retelling of the founding story of Rome. Several of his short films earned recognition in international filmfestivals like Brussels International filmfestival, Kinodot and Leiden International Filmfestival. In 2015 he was the intern video director for an art gallery in Mallorca, Spain. He was responsible for all visual promotional work and made small documentaries about the local artists there. From 2016 till 2018 he directed a weekly program for regional television about the current museum exhibitions and theatre plays. Currently he works as an independent editor and cameraman focusing on concert and theatre capturing. Next to writing and directing his fictional work, Manuel has been working as the organiser of film education projects for the Antwerp youth.In 2020 Manuel founded Cinedraries, an after-school film program for the Antwerp youth. It combines culture, creativity, and a hands-on approach to learning.