“What do you do when your mind is stuck but your body is growing up?”

“PURP.S.” is a multidisciplinary live performance by the musician, writer and performer Calya J. She narrates the evolution from being a scared little girl into a young woman. The story contains five reflection points, which leads her to understanding of who she is and the breaking away of a version of herself that she used to identify with.
The title “PURP.S.” is inspired by the combination of the word “purpose” and “purple”, the color which refers to both her direction in life and the mystery of her creative mind.
For Radiant Nights #11, she presents for the first time Purp.S. A concert performance where she combines visuals, word and new sounds to create a sacred moment of togetherness, reflection and healing. Accompanied by her band and backing vocals, she takes charge of this sacred moment and experiences with the audience the many emotions from sunrise to sunset, while she celebrates the relationship between the moon and the sun.

Meet me Halfway

What will it be when an adopted black man and a white woman fall in love? What will it be if both are still struggling with their pasts? What will it be if they are both still working on themselves? What will it be when cultures get in the way of each other and themselves? What will it be if two people want to love each other and yet can’t? Or can’t and still want to?

Adams Mensah’s Meet me Halfway gives voice, image and body to their attempt to resolve these issues, somewhere between attraction and conflict, understanding and misunderstanding, love and hate. A smashing dialogue about cultures, migration and, above all, about identity.

Young Creatives Fashion Show

With the African Royal Ball in sight, Youth Zone, Kilalo and Urban library Permeke, i.c.w. Amaj Productions joined forces to organize a fashion show this way everyone could find inspiration for the big ball. During this evening, several Antwerp designers exhibited their work with African prints. In addition, a stage was given to various Antwerp dancers and music artists.

Antwerp All Star Band

The Antwerp All Star Band came about thanks to Ubuntu Rhythm, an internship project of KDG students in collaboration with Het Oude Badhuis. They wanted to give a stage to the many musically talented people of the African communities in Antwerp.